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Thank you for your interest in joining the League of Women Voters!

Membership in any local LWV includes membership in LWV of Maryland and membership in LWV of the United States.

Local Leagues each set their own dues; they range from $50 to $65. 

Be a part of making your community better; be a part of League!

We encourage everyone to join as a member and contribute time, talents, and enthusiasm. There are also many other ways you can support the work of the League of Women Voters. 

Why should I join?

Membership means joining a long, proud tradition of serving democracy

The League is proud of its long history of working to sustain and further the basic principles of democracy for all by encouraging and enlisting others in that effort. At a time when all too many citizens withdraw from the political process, it is more important than ever that those who care about government accept their civic responsibility to participate fully in the democratic process. What better way to do that than by joining THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, the organization that since 1920 has continued to work proudly to preserve the traditions of democracy?

Membership means opportunity to...

  • Experience personal growth and enrichment
  • Do more than vote to make democracy work
  • Enjoy associating with other thinking, caring people
  • Use your personal skills and talents in important community service
  • Make a difference in the affairs of your community, state, and nation

Membership brings the satisfaction of...

  • Knowing that you will be informed about issues that concern you
  • Knowing that your views on issues can be expressed and heard
  • Knowing that your organization can take effective action on issues
  • Sharpening your skills of leadership, networking, and public speaking
  • Using your volunteer time to the betterment of your community
Membership offers many benefits:
  • You receive updates from LWVUS
  • You receive The Maryland Voter
  • Members of Local Leagues receive monthly local newsletters
  • You receive numerous other publications and mailings to enhance your knowledge on various issues and topics or interest.
  • You can attend all LWV functions
  • Only members can participate in the consensus process we use to arrive at positions
  • You meet great people and make friends
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping to make our country and our communities better!

Who can join LWV?

Membership is open to everyone. One of the following options should be suitable for you. 
  • Local League Voting Membership Available to any person, male or female, who is at least 16 years of age and who joins a local league. All members of local leagues are also automatically members of the LWV of Maryland and the LWV of the United States.
  • Local League Non-Voting Associate Membership Available to persons who are younger than 16 and who join a local league.

Residents of Allegany, Carroll, Charles, Cecil, Garrett, Somerset, Worcester, or Wicomico Counties become Members-at-Large of the LWV of Maryland, unless they choose to join a nearby League. They are encouraged to participate in all state and national events and in events of other local Leagues until a LWV is started in their home county.  Please find your county in the list below and then use its membership form.

Pick your county:

  •  Member-at-Large of LWVMD Available for those who reside in an area not currently serviced by a local league; these individuals are serviced by and participate in activities of the Maryland State league. They are also members of the LWV of the United States, and they may also participate in activities of Local Leagues.

Members - at - Large

If you live in one of the Maryland counties that does not have an active Local League (Allegany, Carroll, Charles, Cecil, Garrett, Somerset, Worcester, or Wicomico Counties) and you are interested in joining LWV, you can

  • Join as a Member-At-Large of LWV of Maryland
  • Join as a MAL, find seven other interested people in your county, and start a new League! An experienced LWV member will help you get started and be your mentor. Contact the state office for more information.

As a member, you are always welcome at any League gathering, so visit another county and meet other Leaguers or come to a LWVMD event to see how things are done! Check the LWVMD calendar to see what's going on.

As a League Member-at-Large, you can play a unique role in carrying out the League's work in the county where you reside and in promoting membership in our fine organization.

  • Find others who are interested and start a new League of Women Voters! It takes eight members to officially register. An experienced LWV member will help you get started and be your mentor.
  • Subscribe to newsletters
  • Join in our online Forums for ongoing dialogue with fellow Maryland League members about the many issues and concerns that affect us all.
  • Be a League Reporter for your county. By doing so, you can be the eyes and ears of your community and county on important issues.
  • Participate in studies and projects organized by LWVMD.