Government Positions


Action to secure an effective, nonpartisan judiciary and to promote fair and appropriate sentencing, including the abolition of the death penalty; and a correctional system, including probation and other alternatives to incarceration, that protects society and prepares offenders for successful reintegration into the community.

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Action to assure an election system that is representative, feasible to implement and increases voter participation, as well as equitable, accessible, fiscally responsible, accountable and enforceable.  Action to support same day registration. Action to assure fair campaigns and elections. Action to institute elections to fill vacancies in the General Assembly. Action to support more open primary elections and taxpayer-funded primary elections for all recognized parties. Action to support a mix of single and multi-member legislative districts and coterminous boundaries.  Action to oppose term limits for members of the General Assembly.  Opposition to a requirement for uniform voting systems unless funded by the state.

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Background: LWVMD has never specifically studied governmental ethics. We have, however, strongly supported (in accordance with the LWVUS Principles and positions) legislation and administrative action which will make government more responsive and accountable to the voters, such as open meetings, accessibility of records to the public, and a code of ethics for government office holders and officials.

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Action to strengthen gun control laws.   (1991)

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Action to promote an equitable and efficient fiscal structure for Maryland and to improve the fiscal relationships between the state and its political subdivisions. Action to support or oppose proposed changes to Maryland’s revenue structure, using certain principles to analyze and evaluate the proposed changes. Action to increase the budgetary authority of the legislature and to achieve a more effective budget process. (1976, 1981, 1999, 2004)

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Action to support county home rule, with preference for charter. (1967, 1983, 1985)

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Action to assure a state redistricting process and standards that promote fair and effective representation in the state legislature and House of Representatives with maximum opportunity for public scrutiny. (2004)

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Action to secure a constitution that is clear, concise and confined to fundamentals. (1962)

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