I. Grant proposals must be approved by the Board before they are submitted. The Board shall approve the purposes for which any grant applications are made, the proposed amounts, and the types of foundations or other entities that will be solicited. The president will review and sign all contracts. The League treasurer will handle all funds. The project director or development/fundraising director will keep the project records and have the responsibility of carrying out the project with the assistance of a committee of LWVMD Board and off-board members, as necessary.

II. The project director or development/fundraising director will oversee the project and report to the Board.

III. Grant or contract funds or contributions for a specific project to be conducted over an extended period will be earmarked as a "restricted" account and disbursed by the treasurer in accordance with the project budget.

IV. Interim and final reports will be the responsibility of the project director or development/fundraising director. These reports will be presented to the Board and to the grantor, as required. The final report will be submitted to the Board for approval before it is sent to the grantor.