I. The LWVMD and LWVMDEF engage in fundraising at the state level, soliciting contributions primarily from businesses, corporations and organizations that operate throughout the state, foundations and individuals (including members of the League). Activity is under the general direction of the finance committee chairperson or LWVMD president or co-presidents.

II. To preserve the nonpartisan stance of the League, LWVMD and LLs or the Education Funds should not solicit or accept contributions from candidates (or their committees) running for elected public office for either the League or as a tax-deductible contribution. Memberships, however, of candidates and members of their committees are welcome.

III. In approaching contributors the following factors are assessed:

A. What is the contribution history of the contributor?

B. Is the contributor giving a minimal amount that might be substantially increased?

C. Has there been a relationship with a LL?

IV. The following principles guide fundraising efforts:

A. The LL will be notified of LWVMD's intention to solicit a contributor in its area.

B. If the contributor to be approached is already giving at the local level, the LWVMD will not solicit without agreement by the LL president.

C. Nothing in this policy prohibits LLs from continuing local fundraising drives soliciting funds from local businesses and corporations for that LL only. The LWVMD should be notified to avoid duplications.