Year End 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, the League of Women Voters of Maryland is preparing for the 2024 Elections. Election Day might seem far away, but LWVMD is already hearing concerns and outcries about election disinformation. If you’re worried about what next year could mean for Maryland’s elections — you aren’t the only one. LWVMD needs your help to ensure that factual, non-partisan election resources are available to all Maryland voters.

You, as a voter, rely on objective, trusted information. LWVMD is the essential non-partisan organization in Maryland and is determined to keep partisanship out and facts in your elections. Please include LWVMD in your year-end giving. This year, your generous donations will have twice the impact, thanks to a match from a generous donor. 

Your help will grow and strengthen LWVMD’s impact. The LWVMD Voter’s Guide will remain a cornerstone of our mission as we work to educate and inspire young and first-time voters. The number of advocates fighting for legislation that you care about continues to grow. Your support affects who has a Voter’s Guide and how powerful a voice for democracy is in Annapolis. 

In the coming year, you can expect:

  • Continued development of the trusted Voter’s Guide to serve a growing and diverse community. LWVMD strives to translate the guide and make it more accessible for all voters. LWVMD’s Voter’s Guide is always free.
  • Member-based advocacy that works on issues and policies that you prioritized. In 2024, LWVMD will advocate for affordable housing, equity in justice, protecting the environment, and, of course, Making Democracy Work. 
  • More virtual workshops and opportunities to learn about and discuss the topics you care about. All workshops are open to everyone —members and non-members.


2024 will be crucial for our democracy, and Marylanders deserve fair representation with non-partisan, factual information. The League is the one organization that puts you at the center of our work: educating voters, hosting workshops, or helping you meet with your elected officials. Our supporters are the League of Women Voters of Maryland. 

Please donate to the League as your year-end gift. This year, every dollar you give will be matched by a generous donor, meaning you can DOUBLE your impact. We rely on all of you, our supporters, to further the sacred mission - Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.

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