I. Board Composition

A. The Board should be composed of members that represent Maryland’s diversity.

B. LWVMD will make accommodations to ensure that a member’s financial resources are not a barrier to Board participation.

C. Board members are expected to uphold League nonpartisan and DEI principles and serve as a role model to LLs.

II. Board Portfolios

A. A meeting will be held of the newly elected Board shortly after State Convention to assign portfolio responsibilities.

B. A shared folder of portfolio descriptions will be maintained on the LWVMD Google Drive.

III. Board Management Practices - The Board has fiduciary responsibility for all operations of the LWVMD. The Board is charged with:

A. Managing the LWVMD's financial resources

B. Complying with state, local and federal requirements, to include:

1) filing required registrations and reports on a timely basis;

2) paying necessary taxes and fees.

C. Keeping accurate minutes and records of decisions

D. Reviewing Policies, Guidelines and Procedures on a regular basis

E. Reviewing bylaws on a periodic basis

F. When necessary, seeking professional guidance.

IV. State Board Meetings

A. Meetings are open to all members.

B. Meeting dates/times/manner are set by the current elected Board to ensure that all Board members may participate equitably.

C. The agenda for the next meeting is communicated to LWVMD Board members and LL Presidents approximately one week before the Board meeting.

D. Approved minutes of any LWVMD Board meeting will be made available to any League member upon request.

E. Meetings may be held by conference call, e-mail or other electronic means as provided for in the LWVMD by-laws.

V. Insurance

A. The League has an insurance policy that covers general liability, theft and fire. The policy covers activities of LLs that don’t have their own insurance.

B. In addition, the League holds a fidelity bond policy.

C. LWVMD also carries Workers’ Compensation, Directors and Officers (D&O) and Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI).

VI. Reimbursements - Board members will receive no financial compensation for League work except reimbursement for authorized out-of-pocket costs. Board members are eligible for reimbursement for:

A. Mileage (amount per mile to be determined annually by the Board)

B. Tolls and parking fees

C. Supplies and postage

D. Costs of approved meetings and conferences appropriate to their portfolios

E. Expenses for LWVMD Board-designated delegates attending LWVUS Convention and Council

F. Bills for reimbursement should be submitted to the Treasurer promptly with vouchers. Completion and submission of the standard LWVMD Expense Report is required. Board members not wishing to be reimbursed should indicate on the voucher that they are making an in-kind contribution to LWVMD.

VII. Financial Oversight

A. Board members are responsible for monitoring and managing income and expenses associated with their portfolio relative to budget.

B. Board members should submit budget recommendations for their portfolio to the budget committee during budget formulation.

C. Board members should promptly notify the Executive Committee of anticipated overages or shortfalls relative to budget. The Executive Committee will decide whether to inform the full Board based on LWVMD’s total budget and financial outlook.

D. Board members should seek approval from the full Board for an unbudgeted, new or additional expenditure, whether for a single item or an ongoing financial commitment, amounting to 1% or more of LWVMD’s annual expense budget. Approval shall require a majority vote of the full Board at a regular or special Board meeting or through formal canvassing by the President or Vice President. Results of the canvassing should be shared with the full Board.

E. Board members should be informed of, but do not need to approve, an unbudgeted expenditure that is offset by an equal or larger contribution to LWVMD.

VIII. Financial Responsibility - Board members are expected to support LWVMD’s fundraising activities. This can include:
A. Making financial contributions as they are able

B. Supporting fundraising events by helping to plan, advertise, and or promote them

C. Participating in LWVMD Fundraising events

D. Writing grants

E. Recruiting members

F. Looking for opportunities for fundraising and sharing those with the Executive Director and the Board

G. Making in-kind contributions.

Revised 3/16/2023