Board Procedures

I. Board Management Practices - The Board ensures that activities are carried out in a businesslike manner. The Board is charged with:

A. Managing the LWVMD's financial resources

B. Being aware of state, local and federal requirements

C. Keeping accurate minutes and records of decisions

D. Reviewing Policies, Guidelines and Procedures on a regular basis

E. Reviewing bylaws on a periodic basis

F. Filing appropriate reports required by local, state and federal laws

G. When necessary, seeking professional guidance.

II. State Board Meetings

A. Meetings are open to all members.

B. The minutes of the preceding Board meeting and the agenda for the next meeting are communicated to LWVMD Board members and LL Presidents approximately one week before the Board meeting.

C. When schools are closed in the area where the Board meeting is scheduled, the meeting is canceled. In case of inclement weather, the President will decide, after consultation with the Executive Board, whether to delay or cancel a Board meeting. Board members will be notified.

D. Meetings may be held by conference call or e-mail as provided for in the LWVMD by-laws.

III. Insurance

A. The League has an insurance policy that covers general liability, theft and fire.

B. In addition, the League holds a fidelity bond policy to cover the treasurer and office secretary.

C. A liability policy covering activities of League and LLs is carried, and a premium is paid jointly by LWVMD and participating LLs on a per member basis.

IV. Board members will receive no financial compensation for League work except reimbursement for authorized out-of-pocket costs.

V. Reimbursements - Board members are eligible for reimbursement for:

A. Mileage (amount per mile to be determined annually by the Board)

B. Tolls and parking fees

C. Supplies and postage

D. Costs of approved meetings and conferences appropriate to their portfolios

E. Expenses for delegates attending LWVUS Convention and Council

F. Bills should be submitted promptly with vouchers, indicating the budget category to be charged. Board members not wishing to be reimbursed should indicate that on the voucher.

1. Board members should be aware of the amount budgeted for their portfolios. Recommendations for changes in amounts should be made to the budget committee during budget formulation.

2. Expenditures for amounts not included in the budget should be discussed with the Board.

G. A majority vote of the full Board at a regular or special Board meeting, or canvassed by the President or Vice President, is needed to approve payment of an expense over $250 for a non-budget line item; or $50 or 25% (whichever is less) over budget for a budgeted item. Any expenditure offset by an equal or larger contribution by the Board members to the LWVMD or LWVMD-EF is exempt from this restriction.