A new member just joined our League. What are the steps to add them to our roster?


[NB Support Article]


#1 Log into NB and go to the People section.

screenshot of NB control panel - People menu

#2 Before you create a new profile in NB, check whether the individual is already in the database by entering their name in the Search People box. 

screenshot of NB control panel - search people

NOTE: NB searches for an exact match.  If it doesn't find the person and you suspect it should, try searching on the first or last name alone. 

#3 If NB finds a match in the database, please see faq_profile_update.

#4 If no profile exists, click on the New Person button. 

 screenshot of NB control panel - new person

#5 Enter the new member's information on the Contact details page, including phone number(s), email and address.

screenshot of NB control panel - contact details

#6 Enter all of the following tags into the +Add tags field. The purpose of each tag is explained below the New Person screenshot.

Local League tag (choose from list below), member, sbl, mdcomms, education_advocacy, election_advocacy, energy_advocacy, fiscal_advocacy, health_advocacy, housing_advocacy, police_accountability_advocacy, transportation_advocacy

[Local League tag choices are: AACo, BaltCity, BaltCo, Calvert, Carroll, Fred, Harford, HoCo, Kent, MidShore, Mont, PG, QAnnes, StMarys, WashCo]

screenshot of NB control panel - contact details, add tags

sbl            Tags person to receive the State Board Letter, a monthly e-newsletter from the LWVMD Board

mdcomms  Tags person to receive event announcements and other general email communications from LWVMD

*_advocacy Tags person to receive action alerts from eight LWVMD advocacy teams: education, elections, energy, fiscal, health, housing, police accountabiity and transportation.

NOTE: Members have the opportunity to opt out of receiving some or all of these communications at any time by going to lwvmd.org/unsubscribe.

#7 In addition to the tags listed above, a student tag has been created to identify and facilitate communications with student members.  Please include this tag when adding new student members.

#8 You may also choose to add tags specific to your local League (optional).

#9 Click the blue Add person button at the bottom of the screen.

screenshot of NB control panel - add person

#10 When you save your entry, a box will pop up confirming the addition and containing a live link with the name of the new profile.  To continue, click on this link or type the individual’s name in the  “Search people” box.

#11 Click Edit in the menu below the person's profile, then click Custom fields from the submenu.

screenshot of NB control panel - contact edit menu

#11 Click on “Custom fields” and fill in values for the fields indicated below:

screenshot of NB control panel - LWVMD custom fields 

*League ID: local League identifier assigned by LWVUS (see below)

List of MD LeagueIDs as assigned by LWVUS

First joined date: optional but worth recording when known

*Membership expiration date: last day of current membership term

*Member status: choices are “active,” “inactive” or blank 

*Member types: choices are “Primary”, “Additional”, “Student” or “Life”


#12 You may record notes and other member information in the remaining custom fields (optional). 

screenshot of NB control panel - save custom values

#13 When complete, click the blue Save custom values button.

#14 If this is a household membership, go back to step #4 and create a separate new person for the additional member. 

NOTE: To record a new member in your League's NB membership roster, see faq_nbmember_cks.