Our League has begun using the NB membership types to track our active roster. When our members renew online, NB posts the payment on their contact page and updates the expiration date in their NB membership. How do I record dues that aren't paid online so the information in our League's NB membership types is accurate and complete?


[NB Support Article]


NOTE: This process requires Treasurer, Staff or Admin2 NB permissions.

#1 Log into NB and go to People section.

#2 Use the Search People box to find the member whose payment you want to record.

screenshot of NB control panel - people search

#3 Click on Finances in the menu on their contact page.

screenshot of NB control panel - contact finances

#4 Click on New Donation (NB refers to most revenue as a donation)screenshot of NB control panel - donation method








#5 On the right side of the form, select "check" for payment type, enter the amount along with any additional information, such as check # and date, tracking code, FEC type (contribution or other), and notes.  

screenshot of NB control panel - check donation

#6 On the left side of the new donation form, click on Add membership, and select your League's NB membership type from the list.  

screenshot of NB control panel - add membership

screenshot of NB control panel - membership types

#7 Check the box next to Expire Membership and set the membership term based on your League's renewal policy.  For example, if your memberships renew on the payment anniversary, expire the membership in one year.  If your League has a fixed renewal date, approximate the number of months to that date.  [Remember, you can override this expiration date later using batch updates.)

screenshot of NB control panel - expire membership

#8 Click the blue button to save.

NOTE: This process is also useful for tracking offline donations to your League.