NationBuilder Support

LWVMD has been using the NationBuilder platform to host our web pages and manage membership and communications since 2015. NationBuilder, or NB for short, has enabled members with little or no web design training to send targeted communications, post news and events, maintain membership and raise money in an online environment. 

If there is something you would like help with and particularly something that should be available in these League Management NationBuilder support pages, email the Online Services Committee at [email protected].

NationBuilder provides excellent documentation for their platform.  Help with topics on which we have not provided specific guidance below can often be found at Type in the topic or key words and see which articles may apply to your situation. (That is often what we do when we are stumped!)

LWVMD also uses GSuite tools for file storage and management.

Here are some of the support documents specific to LWVMD that can help you make the most of all that NationBuilder and GSuite tools have to offer. Select the category you have a question about to get started.


Getting Started with NationBuilder
Member Management
Website Management
Communication and eBlasts
Financial Management
GSuite and Google Tools