Our League has a new member who already has a profile in the NB database.  What do I need to do to add them to our active roster?


For any number of reasons, people often visit a League's website before they decide to join.  If NB captures their email address or a social media account while they're interacting with the website, it creates a profile. However, that isn't the only reason a profile may already exist. Before you add an existing NB contact to your active member roster, it's important to do a little sleuthing.

#1 Log into NB and go to the People section

#2 Use Search People box to find your new member's profile

screenshot of NB control panel - search people

NOTE: NB searches for an exact match.  If it doesn't find the person and you suspect it should, try searching on the first or last name alone. 

#3 Look below the NationBuilder ID to see what tags they already have.

screenshot of NB control panel - tags

#4 Normally, Leagues add the following tags to all new member profiles. 

Local League tag (choose from list below), member, sbl, mdcomms, education_advocacy, election_advocacy, energy_advocacy, fiscal_advocacy, health_advocacy, housing_advocacy, police_accountability_advocacy, transportation_advocacy

[Local League tag choices are: AACo, BaltCity, BaltCo, Calvert, Carroll, Fred, Harford, HoCo, Kent, MidShore, Mont, PG, QAnnes, StMarys, WashCo]

sbl            Tags person to receive the State Board Letter, a monthly e-newsletter from the LWVMD Board

mdcomms Tags person to receive event announcements and other general email communications from LWVMD

*_advocacy Tags person to receive action alerts from eight LWVMD advocacy teams: education, elections, energy, fiscal, health, housing, police accountabiity and transportation.

NOTE: Members have the opportunity to opt out of receiving some or all of these communications at any time by going to lwvmd.org/unsubscribe.

#5 However, with an existing profile, it's possible that the person unsubscribed from some of these communications before joining your League. To check, click on Dashboard in the menu below the tag list.

screenshot of NB control panel - dashboard

#6 Scroll through the activity in the Dashboard to see whether the person unsubscribed from any communications by removing tags themselves.

screenshot of NB control panel - dashboard unsubscribe

#7 Excluding any tags that the person has removed, enter the tags indicated in Step #4  in the Add tags box on the person's profile page.

screenshot - tags

#8 Next, click Edit in the menu below the person's profile, then click Custom fields from the submenu.

screenshot of NB control panel - contact edit menu

#9 Click on “Custom fields” and fill in values for the fields indicated below:

screenshot of NB control panel - LWVMD custom fields 

*League ID: local League identifier assigned by LWVUS (see below)

List of MD LeagueIDs as assigned by LWVUS

First joined date: optional but worth recording when known

*Membership expiration date: last day of current membership term

*Member status: choices are “active,” “inactive” or blank 

*Member types: choices are “Primary”, “Additional”, “Student” or “Life”


#10 If you discover that the individual was previously a member, either of your League or of another Maryland League, look for an expired tag in their tag list and delete it.

#11 You may record notes and other member information in the remaining custom fields (optional). 

screenshot of NB control panel - save custom values

#12 When complete, click the blue Save custom values button (see above).

NOTE: To add this person to your League's NB membership roster, see faq_nbmember_cks.