We support these bills that could make redistricting reform a reality for Maryland:


  • HB 43/SB 90 Elections - Legislative and Congressional Redistricting and Apportionment - Commission and Process

  • HB 67 Potomac Compact for Fair Representation

  • SB 110 Congressional Districts – Standards

  • HB 463 Congressional – Standards (Anti Gerrymandering of Maryland’s Congressional Districts)

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The National Landscape is Shifting - Now is the Time for MD to ACT!

On 1/24/19 this information was delivered to members of the Maryland General Assembly to help keep them informed on the strides being made across the country in redistricting reform, and ask them to act now! Feel free to share this information with your legislator, friends, neighbors, and anyone you can educate about the need for Fair Maps in Maryland!

The clock is ticking. Following the 2020 census the Maryland General Assembly must approve new legislative and Congressional election districts.   

Will they be drawn in a fair and transparent manner or will Maryland continue to be one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation? 

Let's work together to find a better way to do redistricting.


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