The League of Women Voters has issued brand standards, which includes standards for websites. These brand standards use specific theme colors and fonts.  These specifications are shown below.

The LWV Brand standards are available here

The Online Services team is working to develop a set of "out of the box" themes based on NationBuilder's stock themes that will meet the LWV brand standard color and font requirements without requiring any changes on your part.


LWV Color Palette


Primary Colors

LWV Blue  (#005596)


LWV Red (#be0f34)



Secondary Colors

LWV Light Purple (#820263)


LWV Dark Purple (#521C50)


LWV Gold (#eca400)



LWV Fonts


Serif Font: Merriweather



Sans-Serif Font: Lato




Updating your theme colors and fonts:

NationBuilder stock themes are not designed with LWV brand standards in mind. How difficult it is to customize the colors and fonts of a stock theme depends on the theme. Some stock themes are easier to update than others. We recommend reaching out to Online Services for individual support if this is something you want to undertake. General instructions for changing themes are here. Instructions for updating theme colors are here and for updating fonts are here.