This is the last message we will be sending to you via SBL.  It was an honor serving as your co-presidents for the past two years.  It has been wonderful seeing the new faces in your Leagues and growing our relationships with long-time members.

We hope to see many of you at the Convention.  The members of the Kent County League have been working overtime to provide a great experience for you.  Please register today and encourage your fellow League members to sign up too.  We hope to use our time together to set the stage for a strong and impactful future for the League of Women Voters.  We also hope to learn more about how LWVMD can collaborate with local Leagues and League members to provide a sustainable foundation for our work.

The LWVMD nominating committee: Betsy Sexton, Chair, Rebecca Goode, Anne Mychalus and Andrea Gruhl did a phenomenal job.  We can’t wait until you get to meet the wonderful people that they found to serve on the LWVMD Board.  It makes it much easier to step down from a leadership role knowing that the LWVMD will be in such capable hands.

And finally, we would like to thank our Board and all the Local League Presidents for their contributions over the past two years.  LWVMD participates in many coalitions and interacts with many public officials and they are always surprised and impressed by how engaged we are and how much we accomplish as volunteers.  Of course, we couldn’t get nearly as much done without our office in Annapolis and Ashley Oleson (and Linda Hamm before her) to keep us on track.

We hope you have a great summer!  Looking forward to seeing you in Chestertown and then at the performance of Thurgood in Olney.


In League,

Barbara Schnackenberg and Nancy Soreng

LWVMD Co-Presidents

Lwvmd Administrator


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