LWVMD recommends leaving the profile of a deceased member in the NB database as a way of acknowledging and preserving their League record. However, several steps are essential to protect the family from continuing to receive League communications addressed to the deceased.

# Log into NB and go to the People section.

#2 Select the deceased member's profile using the Search people box.

#3 Remove the member tag and all tags related to communications (e.g. sbl, mdvoter, action_alert, *_advocacy) and add the deceased tag.

#4 Click on Edit in the menu bar.

#5 Check the box next to Do not contact, period.

screenshot of NB control panel - do not contact

#6 Scroll down and click the + sign next to Demographics.

#7 Scroll to the bottom and check the box next to Deceased.

screenshot of NB control panel - demographics

#8 Click the blue Save person button.

#9 Click Location in the menu bar.

#10 Delete the street address and click the blue Save location button.

#11 Click on custom fields in the Edit submenu.

#12 Click the "x" in the member status box so that it is blank.

#13 Put the date of death in the Notes custom field, if you know it.

#14 Click the blue Save custom values box.