Does LWVMD offer local Leagues an accessible location to store historical files and share current working documents? 


Yes. Google Drive is one of many applications that make up the G Suite platform licensed by LWVMD; other apps include Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Meet. Google Drive allows users to store, edit and collaborate on files online via a shared drive. It provides a long-term, accessible storage and work space and a secure archive for historical documents. LWVMD is pleased to offer our local Leagues access to a shared Google drive on the G Suite platform. 

Please follow these steps to request access and begin managing a shared Google drive for your League.

#1 Choose a short name for your shared drive that easily identifies your League.

#2 Identify which of your League members will be Viewers, Commenters, Contributors, Content managers and Managers of your shared drive (see image below for permission descriptions). Although they can't make modifications to the shared drive, Viewers and Commenters can download, print and copy files.

screenshot of Google shared drive permissions

#3 It's important to designate one or two Managers from your League to provide general oversight of the shared drive and basic guidelines, such as an organizational structure and file naming convention.

#4 Complete this form to authorize members to access your shared drive. 

#5 Online Services will issue User IDs for edit access to the shared drive using the format [email protected]Drive users will have the opportunity to create a password when they log into Google Drive, either via their computer browser or by downloading the Google Drive app on their mobile device.

#5 After logging in, go to Shared Drives in the lefthand menu and look for your local League's drive.

screenshot of Google Drive, shared drive list

#6 Open your shared drive to set up folders, add files and create new documents.

See also Google Support article: Get Started with Google Drive