The Winter Workshop on January 20th (snow date, January 27th) at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ellicott City will feature two sessions this year. The first gives attendees a choice of “Preparing for Elections: Forums and Debates” or “Non-Profit Treasurer's Seminar.” For the second session, attendees will choose between “How to Run a Condo Election” or the “Treasurer's Seminar.” A light breakfast will be served, and a catered lunch will include a speaker. We’re excited to discuss these important issues and hope to see you there - Click here to get signed up online OR here to download and mail a registration form! Early bird sign up lasts until 1/15!

Candidate Forum Training – People look to the League of Women Voters to conduct candidate forums, trusting that we will ensure that the process is both fair and informative. Anyone who has organized a candidates’ forum is aware of the missteps that can upset a good plan, potentially damaging your League’s reputation. The Winter Workshop will include a session on candidate forums that will cover the ground rules for nonpartisanship, explain some optional formats, and provide examples of checklists for ensuring that you have a successful forum. This is a great opportunity to share your success stories and raise questions about common problems, and generally ensure that you are ready to provide this important public service.

Treasurer Seminar – Non-profit accounting creates unique challenges which may seem daunting, especially for volunteers. While accuracy and timely paperwork are necessary, there are skills one can develop to ease the process and ensure precise records. Carolyn Hetterick, LWVMD Treasurer will be providing a workshop designed to instruct local League treasurers on the finer points of preparing records for audit, keeping a permanent record file, and reporting requirements for Federal and State.

Condominium Elections as a Fundraiser – Many Leaguers are experienced election judges, and the Montgomery County LWV (and possibly others) puts those skills to use by conducting elections for condominiums and other organizations that want a neutral, trusted group running the show. The organizations pay the League for the work of our volunteers and it has become a significant source of funds for League programs. At the Winter Workshop, Nancy Soreng will explain how this program works and provide examples of procedures you could follow and precautions you should take to run a successful election services program. Elections for associations can be quite different from elections held for public offices so it's important to understand the differences.

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