During the past few weeks I have had the privilege of testifying before the 2018 Maryland General Assembly Session on behalf of the League of Women Voters of Maryland. Nancy Soreng, former LWVMD President, and I have testified on several election bills and will be testifying on more as the session evolves. It is interesting to note how little in-person support, either pro or con, these bills receive. It seems that the League of Women Voters is one of the few go-to organizations that legislators count on to speak to the important topic of election and voting reform.

Another way of keeping on top of what is happening in Annapolis is Report from State Circle (RSC), our State Legislative Session newsletter. Thanks go out to our diligent RSC reporters and editor Judith Heimann, as well as Lois Hybl, Action Chair and Ashley Oleson, Administrative Director. As a team they are the backbone of our efforts during this Legislative Session.

Since League is a grassroots organization, you also have a chance to connect with your state legislators and speak for the League at our upcoming Legislative Day on Tuesday March 6. Once you are registered, be sure to inform your Local League so that they can schedule appointments for you with your Legislators. We will provide all the material you need in order to discuss the bills that the League is particularly interested in supporting or opposing. Please see our attached flyer for a complete agenda and registration information. If time is not a problem, consider attending a 1:00PM Senate or House Committee hearing.

Another great opportunity for Maryland Leaguers and their guests is our Spring True Grit Tour on Tuesday May 15. Here is a chance to support the League while you discover Harriett Tubman who led scores of people to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Then mosey on down to the home of Phoebe Anne Mosey, who shot her way to stardom as sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Bea Arthur, a Cambridge native, served as an early United States Marine, later becoming a comedienne serving up laughter as our favorite Golden Girl.

Elaine Apter,
LWVMD Co-President
[email protected]