Recognizing the changing external environment -both in the nature of volunteerism and the growing number of competing organizations in the democracy space- the League of Women Voters of the United States, with input from state and local Leagues around the country, has been working over the past several years to ensure that the League enters its second century strong, visible, and relevant. We’ve been referring to this as our “transformation journey.”

As the next step in that journey, LWVUS has published a “Transformation Roadmap” that includes specific action steps to be implemented. It is a synthesis of many threads of work, including input from Leagues across the country, interviews with internal and external stakeholders, review of the larger non-profit environment and the professional expertise of consulting firms. The action steps will help us achieve the vision of a network of vibrant Leagues that are powerfully communicating our story consistently at all levels; engaging and welcoming new members, supporters, and volunteers; embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion; and has the resources necessary to support our core work and have a meaningful impact for the next century and beyond. In short, it is a way forward to ensure the successful future of the League.

The Roadmap, which is some 41 pages long, is an important analysis and resource for the entire organization. With that said, it presents some hard truths and does require all of us to embrace some amount of change. At times, change might feel uncomfortable, but it is important to remember that all levels of the organization are partners with the same goal. We all have a deep love of and loyalty to the League and wish to see it succeed for another 100 years.

The LWVMD has dedicated a large portion of the 2018 Council Meeting on June 9th to a discussion of the Transformation Roadmap. Be sure to register for Council today. We want to hear your ideas and concerns for the League's future. Come be a part of the conversation.