After much consideration and deliberation about the most effective way to inform and engage our supporters on the issues before the Maryland General Assembly that are of interest to members of the League of Women Voters, we have decided to retire the publication Report from State Circle (RSC). 

The RSC was created by LWV volunteers  more than four decades ago to provide citizens who wanted to follow Maryland legislation with a way to access information about the General Assembly proceedings and documents. At that time, only by having a physical presence in the capitol could citizens obtain copies of bills and witness hearings and floor debate. Since that time, the General Assembly has created and continually upgraded its online platform to allow the public to track the progress of bills and watch or listen to committee hearings and floor sessions in real time -- thanks to grassroots advocacy LWVMD has participated in.  In addition, numerous other publications have emerged to help inform us about legislative activity and social media allows users to get breaking news within minutes. 

Thus, at this juncture, we believe supporters and readers of the RSC would be better served by a communication plan that links you directly to our advocates and the issues you care most about. Rather than a dense publication filled with updates on the movement of bills in dozens of areas, you can opt to receive email updates related to the specific issue areas you want to keep track of. That said, if you want to receive updates on every issue our volunteer advocates follow - you can do that too!

As of today, all of our supporters are signed up to receive legislative updates in the following priority issue areas:

If you wish to unsubscribe from some of these issue areas so that you can focus your attention on the issues most critical to you. Simply click the link in the footer of any email from LWVMD and uncheck the issue areas you’d rather not receive updates on for now. You can always re-subscribe here: 

Even if you aren’t subscribed to receive emails in a particular issue area, you can always find updates about these issues HERE on our new Action Blog page. The Action Blog will be a home for all of the updates and Action Alerts shared by our advocates - so you can catch up any time.

For brief and more up-to-the minute details, follow @LWVMD on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

Thank you for your support and ongoing participation in our advocacy work, we look forward to keeping you updated about what’s happening in Annapolis in 2021.

Lois Hybl & Richard Willson, LWVMD Co-Presidents

Ashley Oleson


Redistricting Expert & Former LWVMD State Director