Only a holiday or two now separate us from 2018 - an election year! As Elections approach our League work shifts subtly from policy advocacy and voter registration to other important forms of voter service like voters’ guides and public forums. As a League member, elections bring you the quandary of choices on how you should act publicly. Will you work to support a specific candidate in the coming season or will you be focused on voter registration and conducting forums?

2017-19 LWVMD Presidents


League leaders have to make this tough choice in favor of non-partisan involvement exclusively. No central committee picnics for us! To protect the League’s reputation as a non-partisan organization those in leadership positions have to skip the “party”! As one of my mentors advised, if it could be made to look bad in the paper, don’t do it!

The League of Women Voters of Washington County has lost a couple of members recently. Let me tell you why this is good news: As one member wrote, “I am helping to actively recruit and support candidates. I would not want your process to be questioned down the road because I was included” in your forum preparations. Isn’t this the perfect response?!

So what will you be doing this election season? Have you called your local league president to volunteer your time? Surprise someone and step forward without being asked! Whether you pick a partisan role or a league role, Making Democracy Work ® is our job.

In League,
Richard Willson
LWVMD Co-President
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The League of Women Voters, is a nonpartisan political organization, open to all. A tweet, retweet, or follow, is not an endorsement.