The League of Women Voters of Maryland would like to extend a big congratulations to the newly recognized At-Large Carroll County League. We are excited to see this group grow and develop.

We now find ourselves in the midst of another election season. As with most organizations, the League of Women Voters has a membership that consists of three main groups: the core of leaders who keep the organization functioning, members who attend events and serve on committees, and our fabulous supporters who faithfully maintain their membership annually or contribute on a regular basis, because they believe in the League and what we are doing. Each group contributes to the essential work the LWV performs.

LWV has set our priority for the next two years on Making Democracy Work. This is the foundation of the League: informing voters on elections, candidates, and issues. Loyally non-partisan, the LWV never supports or opposes a candidate. For those who have been historically more passive, I would ask you to consider spending anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours in the coming weeks to actively help Make Democracy Work.

It can be as simple as encouraging your friends neighbors and relatives to read the non-partisan information found in our Voters' Guides and on Or you might consider some of these other options:

  • Staff a voter registration event
  • Help distribute Voters' Guides
  • Carry cards to hand out to friends and neighbors
  • Share information about LWV Candidate Forums in your area
  • Help someone obtain and fill out an absentee ballot form
  • Inform friends and neighbors about the option of early voting
  • Help get voters to the polls

It doesn't take much to go from being passive to active. Many find it rewarding while helping the LWV Make Democracy Work in this election cycle.

Elaine Apter,
LWVMD Co-President