Would you like to vote from home? It is easy to request a mail-in (formerly "absentee") ballot.

Click here to Request Your Mail-In Ballot Online


Here to Print and Return your Mail-In Ballot Request Form

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You must request a mail-in ballot for the November 2020 election.

Options for requesting your mail-in ballot:

  • Request your ballot online now.
    • This will require a Maryland driver’s license or state ID, but you will be done in five minutes. 
  • Download and print a ballot request form. English | Español 
    • Fill it out and mail it now. You will need your own envelope and stamp, but you’ll be done.
  • If you are an active registered voter you will be mailed a request form, so you can wait for your ballot request form to come in the mail.
    • The first request forms will be mailed on approximately August 24.
    • Complete the request form as soon as it comes, and return it right away.
    • This request form will come with a postage-paid envelope.
  • The sooner you request your ballot, the sooner it should come in the mail. 

How to Complete & Return Your Mail-In Ballot

  • Ballots will be mailed with instructions for marking and returning them to the Board of Elections.
    • Follow the instructions carefully – you must sign an oath that accompanies the ballot. Failure to complete the return envelope correctly may result in your ballot not being counted. 
  • Ballots must be postmarked no later than 8:00 pm November 3rd in order to be counted, but voters are encouraged to return them earlier if possible.  
    • The Board of Elections website includes a form where you can check to see if your ballot was received.
  • In addition to returning ballots by mail, voters may also choose to return their ballots using secure drop boxes. 

Protect your ballot -- Do not give your ballot to anyone who offers to collect ballots.  Put it directly in the U.S. Mail or a Board of Elections drop box.


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