At LWVMD's 2019 Convention we adopted a study of the initiative process. The initiative process allows voters to place a piece of legislation or a constitutional amendment on the ballot usually through a petition process, thereby circumventing the legislature. The process is allowed in over 26 states. Maryland has a veto referendum, which means, the voters can veto legislation passed by the MD legislature, but voters cannot initiate legislation. The state study will look at the initiative process then the research will be presented to our membership who will eventually evaluate through the consensus process whether LWVMD will take up a position on the initiative process in Maryland.

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Not familiar with League lingo like "Study & Consensus"?

Well, studies are adopted when voting delegates from Local Leagues at Convention decide they would like to see LWVMD take a position on an item, or sometimes, simply educate members and the public further about an issue. Click here to read LWVUS' explain the study process at the national level. This detailed description will give you some idea about what participating in a study entails.

And consensus? Click here to learn more about what we mean when we say we've reached a consensus.

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