Education / Blueprint for Maryland’s Future: Lois Hybl Team Leader  

In 2020, the General Assembly passed The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (incorporating the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission) that among other provisions, adopted a new funding formula that increased the foundation formula and the funding weights for English Learners, special education students, and compensatory education. It also created a new calculation for concentrated poverty that can be used to support Community Schools. However, Governor Hogan vetoed the legislation in May 2020. 

The education priorities for the 2021 General Assembly session were to override the governor’s veto of HB 1300 The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and to pass HB 1372 Blueprint for Maryland's Future – Revisions.  HB1372 modifies implementation timelines, updates funding allocations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, establishes guidelines for use of federal CARES funds, and strengthens the language of the Blueprint. Status: sent to Governor. 

The challenge for the coming years is to ensure that the “Blueprint” is implemented as intended

The League also supported SB 66 Digital Connectivity Act of 2021 , which establishes the Office of Digital Inclusion and creates a digital inclusion fund to support capacity building and funding for broadband access to all 24 Maryland jurisdictions. Status; approved by the Governor

The League opposed bills (HB 764, HB 939 and HB 1113) designed to transfer public money to private schools. Efforts to reduce funding for BOOST (Broadening Options & Opportunities for Students Today) failed. BOOST provides scholarships for eligible students to attend non-public schools. The final budget included $10 million for BOOST Scholarships. 

Willow Goode


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