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Dear League Members,

We are looking forward to an interesting Legislative Session as our new governor takes office next month and more than 60 new legislators take their seats. We have welcomed Governor-elect Larry Hogan and told him we hope to work with him on areas of common interest for the betterment of Maryland.

We will also be getting acquainted with the new legislators. There will be a reshuffling of committee leadership, although the President of the Senate Miller and Speaker of the House Busch will continue their
offices. Perhaps some of you or your members are on transition teams for the new administrations in your county or have been appointed to a commission--city, county or state. Let us know so we can share the news.

Your Legislative delegation meetings are especially important this year as you acquaint old and new members with our
priorities and educate them about the League.

We have an exciting forum coming February 21 for all members and the public on the issue of the inexorable loss of land to the sea: The Future is Now: Dealing with Rising Season Maryland's Shores. Nationally sought-after speaker Dr. Don Boesch, president of the UMD Center for Environmental Science, will be our
keynoter. We will be examining the resiliency and adaptation that will be necessary to cope with the rising seas that are creeping over our shores of the Chesapeake Bay. This forum is cosponsored by Chesapeake College in Wye Mills and will be held in the Performing Arts Center, just 20 minutes from the Bay Bridge. The all-day forum is only $35 and includes lunch and continental breakfast. Make it a mid-winter getaway weekend! This can be fun for you and your fellow Leaguers as we have the opportunity to stay Friday night at the newly renovated landmark of Easton, the Tidewater Inn, at a special rate. League members from as far away as Charlottesville, Virginia, may come to make this a fun event, spending Friday night and possibly even Saturday night before heading for home. More information will be coming in a few days. Save the date!

We have hired a new office manager who will start training this month. She is Melissa Parker, a resident of Annapolis, and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. We will have more about her in the January newsletter. Melanie Loughry is continuing in the office for a few more days and has offered to occasionally
help us out, if necessary. We thank Melanie for her service to us. Melissa will be very busy with our League business during the coming Legislative session. We are very pleased to have her.

Happy holidays, everyone.



Alice Giles


Information Specialist. Community Activist. Human. Practically an Avenger.