When March 16, 2024 at 9:00am 2 hrs


LWV of Maryland, in partnership with LWV of Montgomery County, present: 


AI in Democracy


Join us on March 16 and hear from two fantastic speakers. Danielle Allen, Ph.D., a professor at Harvard and Director of the Allen Lab for Democracy Renovation at the Harvard Kennedy School. She currently concentrates on tech governance and A.I. ethics at the “Governance of Emerging Technology and Tech Innovations for Next-Gen Governance Through Plurality (GETTING-Plurality).”

Lawrence Norden is Senior Director of the Elections and Government program at the Brennan Center for Justice. He frequently speaks on how to protect elections from AI-generated misinformation. He has been a member of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s Board of Advisors since 2019.

It seems that every day, there’s an article in the press about artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential effect on society generally and elections specifically. Some people see great promises from A.I. to improve health care, education, and business. Others are justifiably worried about the potential for harm from highly convincing but misleading and unreliable information that may affect elections, criminal justice, and employment. Who’s right? Neither? Both?


* This event is open to the public, and we encourage you to share the link with your friends *

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