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    Redistricting Reform’s in the Spotlight in 2018

    Current MD Practice

    Across the nation redistricting reform has won the spotlight this year among good government advocates, editorial teams, many important political figures, and even SCOTUS has gotten in on the action. LWVMD has been

     harnessing this energy to push for reform of the Maryland redistricting process in 2018 - regardless of what the rest of the nation may do. LWVMD believes in, and has been working for, a government that best represents ALL Marylanders, and that can only be achieved when election districts are drawn with the interests of the people are the primary consideration.

    However, as it stands, Maryland’s redistricting process allows, and has employed for many years, tactics to favor or disfavor political parties and political incumbents - a.k.a. Gerrymandering.

    LWVMD is joined in this effort by other good government advocates that form the coalition Tame the Gerrymander. The coalition work we’ve done this past year has been focused on dramatically increasing the awareness of the need to end practice of partisan gerrymandering in Maryland THIS YEAR.


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    Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 01:00 PM

    Primary Study Discussion


    Is the current system of closed primaries the best way to serve the voters?  What are the alternatives?  A committee of the League of Women Voters of Maryland has been studying these questions for two years and their findings will be presented, along with questions for discussion.  Join this exploration of the the future of elections of Maryland!

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