Year End 2022

The League faced one of the most challenging but rewarding years. From a record number of members who are advocates for policies that affect your everyday life to getting our Voter’s Guides to hundreds of thousands of Marylanders. You have put LWVMD at the center of what it means to be non-partisan. In the coming year, you can expect the following: 

  • Member-based advocacy that works on issues and policies decided by you and your local League. Our priorities will be affordable housing, healthcare, reducing the effects of climate change, public transportation, and protecting your right to vote. 
  • Increased workshops and membership opportunities. Feedback has told us that our workshops are insightful and engaging, but we need more. In 2023 you can expect to have the ability to hear from more speakers on the topics that interest you. 
  • An expansion in our Voter Services. To best serve our growing, diverse community, LWVMD will seek out opportunities to work with different communities to translate our Voter’s Guide and make it more accessible to those with impairments. 

Our goal for 2023 is to continue putting Maryland citizens at the forefront of democracy. We have been told how the League is the one organization that puts you at the center of our work. Whether that’s educating voters, leading workshops, attending rallies, or meeting with your Elected Officials. Our supporters are the League of Women Voters of Maryland. 

Please donate to the League as your year-end gift. This year, your donation will be doubled to $20,000 to ensure all work at the League is possible. We rely on all of you, our supporters, to further the sacred mission - Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.



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