This morning our hearts are heavy. Yesterday morning, tragically, 19 children attending their last week of elementary school were gunned down along with two of their teachers in Uvalde, Texas. While we do not live in Texas and may be able to shake our heads and say at least our state has somewhat better laws the question remains:

When will enough be enough?

This past legislative session LWVMD proudly and loudly testified and worked on bills that would help protect all Marylanders against gun crimes. Some of these bills, such as the Ghost Gun bill were successful in passing, others such as how guns had to be stored with children in the home to aid in preventing youth suicide were not. We celebrate the wins and look forward to returning to the fight on the losses.

Often in this work, we are reminded of an anecdote from when one of our founders Carrie Catt Chapman was working to pass the 19th amendment - if women get the right to vote they will do such things like legally protect women and ensure child welfare.

Today, LWVMD stands recommitted more than ever to ensuring that this line, once used as a fear mongering tactic, becomes something we pickup and carry with honor - that when you tell people you’re a member of the League of Women Voters of Maryland they’ll know exactly what you stand for.

Most importantly, we want to thank you, our members. Without your tireless dedication and relentless resolve, our fight to ensure that all voices are heard, even those who can’t quite reach the ballot screen yet, would simply not be possible. The strength that comes in knowing we stand together is our greatest asset. Whether you are standing in front of the State Legislature fighting for bills to be heard or standing in the sweltering heat or blistering cold for hours ensuring that all votes are counted you are the backbone of not just the League, but of our democracy.

Empowering (future) Voters, Defending Democracy.

In League,

Nancy Soreng, President LWVMD
Nikki Tyree, Executive Director LWVMD