Voting with a Disability Spring 2020

Each in-person voting center will have ballot marking devices for use by any voter who would have difficulty reading and marking a paper ballot. Maryland also offers the option of internet delivery of a ballot, with an online ballot marking tool that is compatible with adaptive technology to enable those with disabilities to access the internet. To request internet delivery of your ballot, apply for an absentee ballot on the State Board of Elections website, but you will need access to a printer and postage to use this option as the ballot cannot be returned via the internet.

There will be at least one voting center in each county, but no more than four. These may be locations that were used for Early Voting in previous elections. Website and contact information for each county’s local Board of Elections is available on the State Board of Elections website

Because of the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus wherever large numbers of people are gathered, voters are strongly encouraged to vote by mail if at all possible and to use in-person voting only if it is not possible to vote by mail.

To learn more about changes to the elections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic click here.

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