Voting for College Students Spring 2020

If you registered to vote where you attended college and have since returned home, you may use the State Board of Elections website to:

  1. Update your voting address to your home OR
  2. Request an absentee ballot.  

Any changes to your information must be made by the close of registration (click here to read more about registration deadlines for your elections).

If you had already applied for an absentee ballot to be mailed to your college address, contact your local Board of Elections to ask how to cancel your absentee ballot application. If you are unable to change your absentee ballot delivery, you may be able to vote a provisional ballot at a voting center in the county where you are registered.

If you do not make these changes, your ballot will be mailed to your college address and may not be forwarded – you risk losing your right to vote.

To learn more about changes to the elections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic click here.

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