Voters Who've Moved or Missed an Election

Ballots will be mailed only to active voters, using the address on file with the Board of Elections. If a mailing from the Board of Elections was returned because you had moved or were temporarily at another address and you have missed voting in the past 4 years, you may have been placed on the inactive voter list. You will not be sent a ballot unless you notify the Board of Elections of your current address. You must make any changes to your registration by the close of registration (click here to read more about registration deadlines for your elections.)

  1. You can verify your voter registration on the State Board of Elections website.
  2. Use the same website to update your address if it is not correct.
  3. If you are temporarily staying at another location and would like your ballot sent there, you should request an absentee ballot – you can do this on the State Board of Elections website.
  4. If you do not receive your ballot when other voters do, you should apply for an absentee ballot on the State Board of Elections website.

To learn more about changes to elections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic click here.

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