Action to promote informed decisions affecting solid waste management. (1995)
Support for:
  1. Ample opportunity and funding for active public participation including timely scheduling and notification of public meetings.
  2. Provisions by local, state and federal governments of the following types of information on the impact of solid waste actions:
    • a. environment;
    • b. economics;
    • c. public health;
    • d. socio-economic demographics.
  3. Technological information collected, shared and provided by the state.
  4. State regulations in place regarding control, funding and public health for the management of solid waste.
  5. The following incentives that encourage the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials and the opening of new markets and that discourage the use of some materials:
    • a. legislative mandates;
    • b. tax incentives;
    • c. voluntary guidelines;
    • d. pricing support;
    • e. variable rates for waste pick-up;
    • f. procurement regulations
  6. Inter- and intra-state solutions to solid waste management.