Tame the Gerrymander Coalition Petition

Petition against Gerrymandering



I am calling on the Maryland General Assembly to end  gerrymandering and replace it with a fair and open process for the   drawing of election districts. 


If you want to be alerted about when to take action on redistricting reform, please provide your e-mail and phone number below


If you would like to help gather petition signatures, you can download petitions postcards RIGHT NOW by clicking here. Just print, cut, and distribute. 


Contact us at ttg@lwvmd.org and we can send you post-card petitions addressed to our office that you can ask friends, neighbors and colleagues to sign. 

Who's signing

John Ballo-Lula
Kevin Harris
Christiana Christian
Caroyln Tice
Mary Remmers
Julia Aviles-Zavala
Joy Addae
Dave Fickett
Kay Tolle
Damaliz Kamy
Marie Koch
Galth Hick
Lucy Hick
Belinda Hilliard
Joshua Handley
Richard Hansen
Akanksha Joshi
Lisa Otterstrom
Rebecca Wasyk
Hilary Stathes
Brittany Barber-Alexander
Jane Alperson
Webb Smedley
Kathryn Kullberg
Katherine Anderson
Alsin Normtr
Joe Anderson
Matt Rimkunas
Zachary May
John DeBerry
2,500 signatures

Will you sign?