Public Transportation

HB 114 -Transportation - Maryland Transit Administration Funding and MARC Rail Extension Study (Transit Safety and Investment Act)  Baltimore and other state areas that depend on Maryland Department of Transportation for transit have not had system maintenance funded for many years as a study in 2019 showed. This legislation mandates funding additional to anticipated spending from the Transportation Trust Fund for six years to address transit “state of good repair” needs identified by the MTA. The number of years to be funded has been controversial with reduced funding desired by the Senate. Status: sent to Governor.

SB 137 - Maryland Transit Administration – Conversion to Zero–Emission Buses (Zero–Emission Bus Transition Act) By prohibiting the purchase of any bus that emits emissions after 2023, this bill provides a timeline of bus longevity for the MTA bus fleet to transition to zero emissions. Status: sent to Governor.

HB 414-Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project – Funding

Maryland has completed five major studies on the feasibility, need, and economic impact of high-capacity, fixed-route transit service to Southern Maryland, and despite the conclusion of every study repeatedly confirming that the Southern Maryland Rapid Transit project would vastly improve the quality of life for Southern Maryland residents, promote economic development consistent with smart growth, and advance the State's emissions reduction goal, the Maryland Department of Transportation has not moved forward with the project. HB414 requires the State to complete the NEPA study and, contingent on federal funding, provides for at least $5 million in matching state funds from the Transportation Trust Fund to do so. Status: sent to Governor.

HB 67 I-495 and I-270 Public-Private Partnership - Partnership Agreement - Requirements (Maryland Department of Transportation Promises Act of 2021) 

This bill put in writing the promises that Governor Hogan and the Maryland Department of Transportation made about the expansion of I-495 and I-270. The amended bill passed the House but failed in the Senate. It is doubtful if it will be resubmitted next year. 

In 2022, we can expect more social justice and zero-emission /electrification transportation bills.


Willow Goode


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