Primary Elections, Election Districts, Term Limits

Support for:
  1. A closed primary election.
  2. A mix of single and multi-member districts. The following criteria should be used to decide which districts should be single and which should be multi-member:Coterminous boundaries (Delegate districts nesting within Senate districts). 
    • a. full minority representation;
    • b. geographic integrity;
    • c. preservation of political and community boundaries;
    • d. compactness.
Opposition to:
  1. Term limits for members of the General Assembly. (1993)

Background: Consensus was reached in 1993 to support closed primary elections (i.e. only those registered by political party may vote in that party’s primary election), and a mix of single and multiple member districts with Delegates “nesting” within a single Senate district. The same study resulted in consensus to oppose term limits for members of the General Assembly.

  • Opposed term limits for members of the General Assembly. (1994, 1995, 1997)