LWVMD has been using the NationBuilder platform to host our web pages and manage membership and communications since 2015. NationBuilder, or NB for short, has enabled members with little or no web design training to send targeted communications, post news and events, maintain membership and raise money in an online environment. Prior to 2020 our training resources were shared in the cloud, but not always with newer users, so this support page is a New venture!

If there is something you would like help with and particularly something that Should be  posted on this League Management page, email the Online Services Committee at [email protected].

NationBuilder provides excellent documentation for their platform.  Help with topics on which we have not provided specific guidance below can often be found at https://support.nationbuilder.com/en/. Type in the topic or key words and see which articles may apply to your situation. (That is often what we do when we are stumped!) Here are some of the support documents specific to LWVMD:

  1. Add a tag to a group of people;
  2. Add graphics on your page. Use this technique for uploading PDF versions of documents, as well.
  3. Manually adding or updating members;
  4. How to merge duplicate contact records;
  5. Using NationBuilder memberships;
  6. Send an email blast;
  7. Protocols for all blasts;
  8. Control panel access levels;
  9. Now you have Control Panel access and you need to send email blasts?  Create a Communicator identity, but remember DO NOT USE "FREE" EMAIL ACCOUNTS, like Hotmail, Yahoo, Google and the like. Instead ask us for a LWVMD email address.
  10. What are all of those Custom Fields?
  11. A member has opted out of getting email, how to fix it;
  12. Setup online donations by creating an online payment processor;
  13. Embed a Google Calendar and have a web page that actually looks like a calendar page;
  14. Get rid of the Join option that seems to have come with your site;
  15. The Why and How of Leader sites;
  16. A listing of League ID numbers used by LWVUS;
  17. Naming and editing page names;
  18. Set up a Google Voice phone number for your League;
  19. Refund an invoice;
  20. Tagging conventions;
  21. Steps to upload newsletter content;
  22. NB has voting district information you can use to target email blasts.
  23. Online form to notify LWVMD of membership updates.