Welcome, Young Leaguers!  LWVUS and LWVMD Waive Student PMP

This April, LWVUS announced an exciting new initiative to engage the next generation in active participation in the League. As a key first step, the national board voted to waive Student Per Member Payments (PMP) at the national level through January 2021.  The LWVMD board followed suit in May, voting not to charge PMP for any local League’s student members as long as the LWVUS program is in effect.

LWVUS vision for this program:

  1. Recruit the next generation of League leaders. The future of our organization depends on the successful cultivation of young members.
  2. Engage with young members. Listen and be flexible. Involve students and new members in ways they want to contribute. Plan ahead to insure your League has opportunities for active engagement in place before you recruit.
  3. Demonstrate success with collected data. Maintain accurate and current records on new student membership and engagement.


Data collection and reporting procedures:

  1. Regularly update the Member Database (CRM). Participating Leagues will be expected to update ALL membership information in Salesforce on a quarterly basis.
  2. Provide the new student member survey. We want to understand why student members are interested in the League and what issues appeal to them. Having new student members fill out this survey will help us identify which tactics are working, which are not, and how national can better support state and local Leagues. 


National will compile the data and make quarterly reports available to all participating Leagues. The national office will also be available to help Leagues with any questions related to reporting their data.  LWVUS will evaluate the program’s success at Convention 2020. The collected data will demonstrate quantitative success or not.

What’s next?

In the coming weeks and months, national will continue to encourage state and local Leagues to participate in this program and to engage more students in our mission work. The national office will provide participating Leagues with tools to recruit and engage more students. Participating Leagues will be contacted about future surveys and data reports.

If your League is interested joining this initiative to recruit and engage new student members, please complete the Participating Survey (https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4278982/Student-PMP-Waiver-Program-Participation-Survey-Agreement).

For any questions about this program, please contact LWVUS Staff at [email protected].