Our YPV’s have been hard at work gearing up to help LWVMD on their issues during session, but you might be wondering, “Who are these ‘Young Professionals’ joining us?” Well wonder no more, here are our 2017-18 LWVMD Policy & Education Young Professional Volunteers:


Jill Muth - I am currently working as the Special Assistant to the Civilian Review Board of Baltimore City. I joined the LWVMD Young Professionals Program to meet other young professionals who were passionate about politics, and to learn more about the legislative process on the state and federal level. I am currently working on Juvenile Justice, an issue that I am passionate about as a former teacher and current Baltimore City resident. I am hoping to learn how to advocate for legislation that disrupts the school to prison pipeline, and creates opportunities that permanently divert youth from the criminal justice system. 

Sakiera Malone - I work as the Program Manager for Prince George’s County Non-Custodial Parent Employment Program (NPEP) at America Works of Maryland, Inc. I was interested in joining the LWVMD Young Professionals Program because I found that I – along with many of my clients’ – lack information when it comes to legislative changes being made that affect my clients. I believe working with LWVMD will allow me to get hands-on experience, and a greater understanding as to how the legislative process works when it concerns enacting key bills. In return, I want to pass on the information I learn to my clients, and help them be more involved in the process. I work with clients that are looking for stable and reasonable paying employment, so I am most interested in issues that concern employment opportunities, minimum wage/low wage and workforce development/education.



Jennifer McGuire - I’ve lived in Silver Spring, Maryland the majority of my life.  In 2010, I graduated with my Masters of Science in Administration with a Concentration in Nonprofit Management, from Trinity Washington University.  Currently, I work at Presidential Bank, as a teller.  Additionally, I can be found volunteering throughout my community in my spare time. Currently, I am a member of the Montgomery County League of Women Voters.  In the Montgomery County League, I’m a member of Lobby Corps and attend various events, and the Young Professionals Program is a perfect opportunity to get involved at the state level.  The Young Professionals Program appeals to my desire to learn more about Maryland’s political process, specifically relating to Campaign Finance. I am hoping to learn about how candidates receive funding from the state, and the laws that help to moderate funding. 

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