MD Legislature: Overview

  • 90 day legislative session. Always starts the second Wednesday in January.
  • Flow much like college semester. Slow month, busier month, then great scrambling at the end.
  • January — bill drafting, bill introduction, briefings
  • February — committee hearings, start to vote
  • March — last committee hearings, voting, hearing bills from the other chamber
  • April — final push to pass bills and Sine Die

The Legislators

  • 47 Senators, 141 Delegates. 1-3 staff per legislator.
  • Leadership: Speaker and Senate President; minority leader;
  • Committees: four standing committees in Senate, six in House. Also rules committee, joint committees, and task forces
  • Caucus groups: Party caucuses, Women's Caucus, Black Caucus
  • County delegations
  • Task forces
  • Who's who?


How bill becomes a law