The League of Women Voters of Maryland applauds the Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission for releasing the Congressional draft maps. This is a promising sign that they are open to transparency and citizen input.

We were pleased to see that in LRAC’s release they have included four maps that demonstrate that the commission has heard the testimony given. Our hope is that this is an indication that LRAC and the Maryland General Assembly will continue to put partisanship aside to focus on the concerns of the residents of Maryland.

We urge all Marylanders to review these maps and send comments to LRAC in the coming weeks before the start of the special session on December 6th. Now is the time to contact your elected officials and demand they hear your concerns about these maps. We urge the Commissioners to hear this feedback and release a single map before the session starts. LWVMD continues to uphold our non-partisan mission and wants to ensure that, to the extent possible, all district lines are drawn with the goal of providing the best representation to the constituents in those districts. This can only be done through a transparent and public process.

To view the maps please go here:

To send feedback to LRAC, please email them at: [email protected]