The KIRWAN COMMISSION (the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education) is studying the recommendations of consultants for revising the current education funding formula and also studying other ideas for improving the quality of PreK to 12 public education. The commission has heard from experts in career education, how teachers are deployed in other countries, how to deal with schools with concentrated poverty, etc. The commission will finalize recommendations in December. Then the state legislature will decide whether or not they want to pass a new law. Tell them what you think at one of their last 3 hearings. This opportunity only happens once every 15 to 20 years.

Just showing up at one of the three remaining hearings will demonstrate your interest and support for high quality and adequately and equitably funded public education.

***Individuals who wish to testify are asked to sign up by either emailing PreK‑[email protected] or calling Mindy McConville or Kim Landry at (410) 946-5510 or (301) 970-5510 by NOON on the day of the hearing.  



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