We continue to be impressed and thrilled by the dedication of League volunteers.  Over 60 of you signed up for Legislative Day and your enthusiastic participation in the day’s events was very rewarding to the organizers.  To date, we have submitted testimony on nearly 70 bills all of which was initiated and written by volunteers.  Our reporters for Report from State Circle have produced four issues and written about more than 250 bills.  You have responded to action alerts, shown up at the Fracking Ban Rally and Redistricting Day.  League members truly exemplify what it means to be civically engaged.

This urge to “do something” to improve democracy seems to be spreading as many local Leagues have experienced an up-tick in people interested in joining the League  They seem to want to  learn more about how government works and how they can participate in making sure that policies and programs that they care about stay in place.  LWVMD and LWVUS are discussing strategies to help local Leagues make the best of this exciting opportunity.  We are planning to have a discussion about this at the LWVMD convention in June, but may be sharing information with you before then.  Stay tuned.

This issue of State Board letter has information about a number of upcoming events that I hope you will have the opportunity to attend.

  • On April 8th, the League of Women Voters of the National Capital Area is hosting a A Place to Call Home: Affordable Housing Forum. 
  • Carole Conors will be taking League members to Capitol hill to visit the offices of Maryland’s members of Congress on April 26th
  • And the culminating event of our work year will be the LWVMD Convention from June 9-11 in beautiful Chestertown, Maryland.  More information about these events is in our newsletter and on our website LWVMD.org.

In League,

Nancy and Barbara