I. The League of Women Voters of Maryland Education Fund was established in 1976 as the Maryland Voters Education Fund (MVEF). The name was changed to the current name in 2008. It was established as the educational arm of the League of Women Voters of Maryland. It qualifies under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization authorized to accept contributions that are tax deductible for the donor.

II. The LWVMDEF is a separate corporation with separate articles of incorporation. The officers of the LWVMD Board serve as trustees. The trustees may vote at the outset of each two-year term to allow all Board members to vote on LWVMDEF matters.

III. Local Leagues in Maryland that want to solicit tax deductible contributions or grants for their voter service and public education efforts but do not have their own 501(c) (3) funds may deposit contributions into the LWVMDEF and then withdraw them as needed for their projects. All interest earned on such deposits will be retained by the LWVMDEF.

IV. To preserve the nonpartisan stance of the League, LWVMD, LWVMDEF and LLs and their Education Funds should not solicit or accept contributions from candidates (or their committees) running for elected public office for either the Leagues or as tax-deductible contributions. Memberships, however, of candidates and members of their committees are welcome.

V. How LLs use the fund:

A. Checks to be deposited into the LWVMDEF should be made payable to the LWVMDEF and sent to the LWVMD/LWVMDEF office with a note stating that they are to be held for educational projects of the LWV of _______________.

B. If a check intended for LWVMDEF deposit is made payable to the LL, endorse it payable to the LWVMDEF; do not deposit such a check into the LL account. If checks are numerous, send them in batches. The LWVMD treasurer will send the LL a statement that will also show the LL's total balance in the LWVMDEF. The LWVMD Treasurer will:

1. Keep detailed records of expenses including all invoices, receipts, etc.

2. Give LWVMDEF a credit line on publications, programs, etc. funded (or partially funded, as the case may be) through contributions made to the LWVMDEF.

3. After completion of the project, send a final report of expenditures and a copy of the publication or program, if any, to the LWVMDEF treasurer for the records.