On August 2, Governor Hogan, announced the appointment of a commission to study the redistricting process in Maryland.  They have been charged with proposing reforms that will be presented as legislation to the General Assembly.  The Redistricting Reform Commission has a website -- http://governor.maryland.gov/redistricting-reform/  and citizens are invited to submit comments for consideration by the Commission.

In addition to leaving comments on our site, we encourage you to click here and then click on "Contact the Commission" and express your support for principles essential to effective reform:

  1. The lines for both congressional and state legislative districts should be drawn by an independent commission;
  2. To ensure that commission's independence,
    1. no political party should have a majority and the membership - should include voters who are unaffiliated or members of a party other than the Republican or Democratic parties;
    2. no elected official or political party official should be appointed to the commission; and
  3. Congressional districts should conform to the same standards that the Maryland constitution applies to state legislative districts (they must be compact, composed of adjoining territory, and respect geographic and political subdivision boundaries). 

You will be commenting as an individual.  The Co-Presidents and Action Chair will be drafting comments of behalf of the League of Women Voters of Maryland.