Ensure students have an opportunity to pass high school graduation tests. (2005)

Support For:

  1. As long as passage of academic tests (High School Assessments) is required for graduation, the following conditions should be in place to insure students have a fair opportunity to pass:
    • a.  Access to curriculum and instructional materials aligned with state standards
    • b.  Access to a high quality educational program, including advanced placement courses
    • c.  Access to well qualified teachers
    • d.  Timely and specific results
    • e.  Multiple opportunities to pass the test
    • f.   In-school and after-school tutoring and remediation
    • g.  Opportunities to retake a course or take a mini-course
    • h.  Alternate ways to demonstrate mastery of the subject
  2. To insure every student the opportunity and resources to pass tests, the state should fund: 
    • a. Pre-school education
    • b. Professional staff development (curriculum, learning styles, cultural differences, expectations of students)
    • c. Curriculum development and textbooks aligned with core curriculum
    • d. Smaller class size
    • e. Technical assistance to identify reasons for low academic achievement
No consensus was reached on whether passage of statewide, course-related testing should be required to determine eligibility for high school graduation.
BackgroundDelegates to the 2003 LWVMD Convention adopted this study, as a non-recommended item, after a local League adopted a position, but found they could not address the Maryland Board of Education under a local position and the local Board of Education had no influence over state-mandated tests.
  • Supported legislation to establish a task force on the policy and funding implications of the current High School Assessment Program (2007 – not achieved)