The money for Medicaid remained in the budget when it went to the Governor; however Governor Hogan has indicated that he will not spend the allotted funds. This has caused quite a stir among the legislators and there has been talk of a special session to force his hand. Only the Governor may call a special session unless it is requested by a majority of both chambers, so time will tell.

SB 69 State Board of Pharmacy – Sterile Compounding – Compliance by Nonresident Pharmacies and Repeal of Permit Requirement (Hill and Conway) (RSC 2, 3, 4) signed by the Governor, April 14.

HB 230 Health Insurance – Assignment of Benefits and Reimbursement of Nonpreferred Providers – Repeal of Termination Date (Hammen and Middleton) (RSC 2) signed by the Governor, April 14.

HB 1021 Richard E. Israel and Roger (Pip) Moyer Death with Dignity Act (Pendergrass and Young) (RSC 3) failed in both committees.

SB 723/HB 999 Nurse Practitioner Full Practice Authority Act of 2015 (Conway) (RSC 3, 4) passed and are waiting for the Governor’s signature.

HB 9 Maryland Home Birth Safety Act (Kelly and Middleton) (RSC 1, 2, 4) was amended by the Senate and enrolled by the House so Direct Entry Midwives will not be allowed to do a delivery after a C-section (VBAC). It is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

HB 949/SB 471 Task Force to Study the Provision of Health Care Coverage for the Uninsured (Kelly and Nathan-
Pulliam) (RSC 3, 4) has passed the Senate, but died in HGO. The House bill was withdrawn.

SB 599 Public Health – Expedited Partner Therapy for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (RSC 3, 4) was amended by the House, enrolled by the Senate and is waiting for the Governor’s signature.

SB 612 Vehicle Laws – Protective Headgear Requirement for Motorcycle Riders – Exemption (Astle) (RSC 3) died in committee.

SB 399 Health Care Malpractice Claims – Use of Clinical Practice Guidelines (Pugh and Muse) (RSC 4), SB 479 Civil Actions – Noneconomic Damages – Catastrophic Injury (Ramirez) (RSC 4) and HB 553/SB 585 Maryland No-Fault Injured Baby Fund (Morhaim and Pugh) (RSC 4) all died in committee. However the Baby Fund bill is likely to come back because the hospitals want it and it would aid in providing obstetrical coverage in high-risk areas.

HB 375/SB 403 Maryland Council on Advancement of School-Based Health Centers (Cullison and Maldenaro) was amended and passed both Houses, is enrolled in both and has been sent to the Governor.

Neilson Andrews