Anne Arundel County League: Mobilizing To Inform Voters

LWVAAC is determined to maximize the impact of its Annapolis-centric membership in reaching and informing voters throughout Anne Arundel County this election year. League volunteers who are both certified registrars and trained instructors will offer their services to libraries and community centers in all parts of the county. In May, LWVAAC will host a panel discussion to address the public’s concerns about election security. A videotape of the program will be posted online, and offered for viewing by other organizations and communities. Prior to the general election, our League will sponsor public forums for the General Assembly candidates in legislative districts 30, 31, 32 and 33, once again videotaping and posting each session online.

Internally, LWVAAC members are actively engaged in gaining a better understanding of our governmental institutions and our broader community. Under the leadership of Susan Cochran, we have reestablished an observer corps this year, with members attending and reporting on public meetings, and monitoring local governmental bodies for transparency. In addition, our members have embraced a Books for Learning program that has raised a painful awareness of long-standing social and political injustices in our country and locally. Members benefited last fall from meeting with Stephen Tillett, local author and president of the AA County NAACP, and we look forward to learning about the Anne Arundel United initiative from Derek Matthews, AA County Community and Minority Outreach Officer, at our upcoming annual meeting.

Niecy Chamber,
LWV Anne Arundel