• How do I find and access NationBuilder for our League?


    NationBuilder (NB) is the platform that hosts most Maryland League of Women Voters websites, as well as LWVMD's contact database and communications network. The main NB site, lwvmd.org or lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com, is where our local and state Leagues maintain all member information and send e-blasts, as well as where the following local League websites are managed:

    LWV of Anne Arundel County

    lwvaacmd.org or aac-lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of Baltimore City

    lwv-baltimorecity.org or baltcity-lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of Baltimore County

    lwvbaltimorecounty.org or baltimoreco-lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of Calvert County

    lwvcalvert.org or calvert-lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of Harford County


    LWV of Howard County

    lwvhowardmd.org or hoco-lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of Kent County


    LWV of Queen Anne's County

    lwvqac.org or qac2-lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of Washington County

    lwvwashco.org or washington-lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com

    Three local Leagues have NB websites through LWVMD that are called leader sites. They have a different web address and separate log in, but operate the same as the main site.

    LWV of the Mid-Shore

    lwvmidshore.org or lwvmaryland2.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of Prince George's County

    lwvpgcmd.org or lwvmaryland3.nationbuilder.com

    LWV of St. Mary's County


    Two local Leagues maintain independent websites, not provided by LWVMD.

    LWV of Frederick County 


    LWV of Montgomery County


    NOTE: If you have control panel permission through LWVMD, you can access your NB-hosted website by adding /login at the end of the website address.

  • I need access to the operating side of NationBuilder (NB) to perform my League role.  How do I get started?

    To work in NB, you must have what we call "control panel access." Because the NB database contains private information, LWVMD requires control panel users to sign a confidentiality agreement. In addition, your League president must request the appropriate level of access on your behalf. LWVMD offers five levels of access:

    Web Author - the most common access level that allows authoring web pages, membership maintenance and communication (sending email blasts); 

    Treasurer - web author level plus access to financial transactions;

    Admin2 - treasurer level plus access to website settings;

    Staffer - web author level plus certain admin2 permissions and limited access to financial transactions;

    Admin - the highest level of access (reserved for Online Services Committee members).

    Step 1: Have your League president fill out and sign the request form asking that you be given control panel access. Click here to download* the access request form. The president then emails the completed form to [email protected]. The form has to come from your president but it does not have to be signed. If your president is not available, please contact [email protected] to arrange alternate authorization.

    Step 2. The designated volunteer downloads and completes the confidentiality agreement. On the form the volunteer is referred to as the "Recipient." The volunteer/recipient's name and date go at the top of the first page and their name, local league role/title and signature go on the right-hand side at the bottom of the second page. Click here to download, fill out and sign the confidentiality agreement. A digital signature is acceptable or a photo or scan of the signed printed form. The volunteer/recipient returns the completed form to [email protected]

    Step 3: Online Services notifies the volunteer when control panel access has been granted and offers assistance and training.

    Please email [email protected] if you have questions or need any assistance.

    *The fillable options will not work inside many browsers although the forms will display quite nicely, hence the caution to download the form so you can fill it out in a PDF compatible program.



    To access the main LWVMD NB platform, enter lwvmd.org/login or lwvmaryland.nationbuilder.com/login in your browser.  

    To directly access your local League's website, see faq_nbbasic.

    If you happen to already be on the lwvmd.org website, you can log in using the email option in the righthand sidebar.

    homepage signin screen

    The form below will open.

    NB login screen


    If you've been authorized as a control panel user, you already have an account in NB. Enter your email and password on the left side of the screen.  There's a link to reset your password at the bottom, in case you can't remember.

    Email [email protected] if you have questions or need assistance.