I've created membership types for my local League. How do I transfer our League's current members into the correct type?


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When preparing to implement NB membership types, be mindful of your League's membership renewal date vis-a-vis the date you've set for automated renewal notifications to be sent.  For example, if your League's memberships expire on April 30, and renewal notices are programmed to go out 30 days before, members must be entered in the appropriate member type by March 31 to receive the notice.

In LWVMD's NB database, current member information is stored in the custom fields and verified as of January 31 each year.  Here are the steps to assign current members to your local League's NB membership types.

#1 Log into NB and go to the People section.

#2 Create a new list for each League member type, e.g. pgcprimary, pgcaddl, pgcstudent, pgclife.

screenshot of NB control panel - create list

#3 Filter using "matches all of the following"

custom field LeagueID = your LL LeagueID (e.g. MD105)

custom field member status = active

custom field member type = primary

Screenshot of NB control panel - filter all

#4 Make sure you're in List View, then click on the down arrow on the Actions button and add all to list (in this example, pgcprimary)

screenshot of NB control panel - add to list

#5 Repeat steps #3 and #4 to add your League's active additional, student and life members to the other lists you created.

#6 Click on Lists in the top menu, type your first list's name on the search line, click on the name to open the list, and click on Batch Update.

screenshot of NB control panel - list, batch update

#7 Click on Memberships, Select "Add" and fill in the appropriate information (NB member type, active status, expiration date*)

screenshot of NB control panel - batch update memberships

#8 Repeat steps #6 and #7 for the remaining member types.

#9 Return to the People section and click on Memberships in the top menu to verify that your member types were properly populated.


The steps outlined above are ideal for Leagues with fixed renewal dates, and can be replicated to override the renewal date NB generates when online payments are received (usually set to one year).

If your League's memberships have a floating renewal date based on the anniversary of when dues were last paid, leave the expiration date blank when performing the batch update (except for Life members) and contact Online Services ([email protected]) for assistance.

To learn about keeping NB membership information current for members who pay dues by check, see faq_nbmember_cks.

For instructions on setting up online join and renew pages, go to faq_member_joinrenew.